The foundation for spiritual resilience is Belong, Believe, Become.

Is there a child discipleship philosophy that is effective, fruitful and has long-term impact?

Proven and Effective Discipleship Philosophy

brite* curriculum is built on a proven philosophy, Resilient Child Discipleship. Resilient Child Discipleship is made up of three components working together: Belong, Believe, Become.

Kids who know the Bible can:
- Navigate a changing culture
- Build a strong foundation of faith
- Love Jesus for the rest of their lives

Resilient Child Discipleship

The process of a Christ follower committing meaningful, intentional, and consistent time and space to a child or a group of children so that they may know who Jesus is and are known by a body of believers (Belong), to place their faith in Jesus and apply the Word of God (Believe), and to reproduce their own discipleship (Become) so that a third spiritual generation can lead and love like Jesus Christ.

  • Belong

    Highly relational ministry led by loving and caring adults

  • Believe

    Deeply Scriptural ministry rooted in the truth of God’s Word and the power of the Gospel

  • Become

    Truly experiential ministry, designed to move kids from simulation to real-world application of faith-based living

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