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Packed with Biblically sound and Gospel centered lessons.

Brite elementary curriculum is designed around a scope and sequence that helps kids discover Jesus through the Bible, apply God’s Word to their lives and develop a biblical worldview.

Practical Kids Questions to Deep Belief: “HE” - Questions about God “WE” - Questions about People “ME” - Questions about our purpose

With Brite, you'll experience:

  • Bible story videos

  • Small group activities

  • Kid-friendly discussion questions

  • Teaching scripts

  • Prayer and Bible verse activities

  • Simple take home challenges

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There’s an urgent need to equip today’s kids to engage the culture and lead the church of 2050. Brite give you the resources you need to make resilient disciples who will shine like stars in a dark world. We look forward to partnering with your church.

Elementary: K-2, 3-5

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Need Financial Assistance?

As a non-profit, global child and youth discipleship ministry, we believe that price should never be a barrier to reaching and discipling kids. If your church is navigating financial hardship or needs curriculum cost subsidized for any reason, please get in touch with us to find out about scholarships available.

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