For Tomorrow’s Church, Today.

Amid times of change, chaos, and an uncertain future, we believe the church needs to refocus on relational, scriptural, and experiential child discipleship.

  1. 1. BELONGING highly relationalenvironment

  2. 2. BELIEVING deeply biblicalministry

  3. 3. BECOMING outward expressionsof faith

Our Love Letter to the Church.

As we find ourselves at a crossroads of cultural change, are we adequately preparing today’s kids to be resilient, lifelong disciples of Jesus?

Resilient is an invitation to join the most important conversation in the church and radically reconsider our approach to children’s ministry.

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Preview the Resilient Documentary

What does it mean to reach kids with Gospel in a way that leads them to love Jesus for the entirety of their lives? Watch this 20 minute sneak peek of our upcoming full-length documentary, Resilient, and hear from leading voices in ministry including Ed Stetzer, Gabe Lyons, Dr. Denise Kjesbo, Wess Stafford and more as together we engage in one of the most strategic conversations in the North American church.


Resilient Disciples Podcast

A new conversation about resilient child discipleship.

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